Gratitude Challenge

In perfect fall season sentiment, gratitude is in my heart! But it hasn’t always been there. I have had seasons in my life that gratitude seemed like the needle in a haystack I didn’t even want to find. I found out that isn’t a place I wanted to stay very long.

We’ve all been there but sometimes with life we get stuck in that mindset and can not pull ourselves back out. It doesn’t have to stay that way.

Did you know that just the simple act of being grateful can literally change your life! Simple but true and backed by science. 

If you find yourself feeling frustrated or negatively toward your life, job, spouse, children, etc I think I can help you! 

I have spent countless hours doing research about this very topic and have learned so much. What if I told you all it takes is a little discipline and that can change? It’s true and I want to teach you a few small tactics you can incorporate in your daily life to become more grateful. 

I have created a gratitude challenge for the month of November.  After you have completed the first full five days of the challenge, you can then take the same 5 challenges and repeat them each week of November.  Why the same ones, you ask?  So you can remember them, of course!

As you repeat each challenge the meaning will become new for that day. The challenge will be different than it was the week before because you will be living that day, in that days circumstances. What remains the same is that act of gratitude for that day. As you repeat the act of gratitude, you will begin to create a habit. I can confidently say that if you apply each challenge, each day, for the full month of November it will impact and change your life. 

I’m so immensely excited to bring this to you. I’ll email each day of the challenge starting Nov 1st! 

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below! I can’t wait to hear about your results!