The True Courage Method

Hello Courageous Friend! 
I am excited to tell you about the beta launch of The True Courage Method! It is a video-based course that teaches you how to effectively rewire your thinking by tackling negative thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck. We use science and the Bible as a guide to help you understand why your thoughts keep you from moving forward. 

You’ll get instruction on 

-becoming a more positive and grateful thinker 
-incorporating mind discipline 
-embracing self-confidence through Christ and 
-developing courage to accomplish your goals

This is a 5-week course with 1 module being the focus each week. You will have 2-4 videos per module and downloadable worksheets to guide you as we work through each video. 

We will also have a Facebook group where I will present live conversations each week to answer any questions you may have and discuss the work you are doing. 

If you’re interested in this course message me below. I can’t wait to see members transform into more confident and courageous women!

WHEN: May 6th    
WHERE: The Comfort of your home (each module will be recorded so you can watch them if you aren’t available on dates and times)    
WHY: I’ll teach you how to effectively rewire your thinking by tackling negative thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck.     
WHO: Women who are ready to become the best versions of themselves-A maximum of 10 participants are invited to take part.
PRICE: $287   

I will be leading this program, and the purpose is to help you discover how to train your mind to overcome your negative thoughts that keep you stuck. 

In the True Courage Method, we’ll go deep into these areas:

-How to find your specific roadblock and the roots of those struggles.
-The science and Bible behind becoming a more positive and grateful thinker
-How to apply positive thinking to your personality and the way you think
-Incorporating mind discipline that will produce real results
-Embracing true self-confidence through Christ which leads to true courage
-Developing your true courage method to accomplish your goals
Naturally, all of this is for women with a growth mindset who are ready to dig deep and do hard work to level-up in their way of thinking. It is not for those who aren’t quite prepared to address the hard issues that might bring emotional stress.
If you’d like to join us, please fill out the form below, and my team will take care of you. Also, if you have any questions, we can certainly set-up a quick call to discuss.