• Over 40, Overweight, and So Over Caring About It.

    ✔️OVER 40 ✔️OVERweight ✔️So OVER caring about it.   Like all women, I like to look good. I’m sure you do too. I want to be healthy, however, at my age, I’m ok with a little extra curve on my hips. How have you been feeling about your curves, lately? It might seem a bit sassy to say this, but I like moving away from the straight lines of my youth and embracing my curves. It actually takes courage for me to tell you that. Not to diminish the hard work of so many of you that work hard…

  • When you can no longer trust your gut

    Do you feel like most of the time you are good at reading people or situations, but then your emotions get involved, and you become unsure of what you know? You stop trusting the very gift God gave you! Suddenly, your gut feelings that have guided you through life can no longer direct you.

  • You Guys, I Screwed Up

    Hey guys. Soooo, I have a confession to make. I screwed up! Like royally screwed up. Today, what was supposed to be a big win, turned into a big fat juicy FAIL!! Ever have those moments? They do not feel pleasant! Like, I want to tell my feelings to get it together, Carol! Stay in your place Mr. Feelings, until I call on you please! Stay right where you are. But they aren’t listening.  They keep forcing their tears out of my eyes and frustration out of my mouth hole!…