25 – Courageous Business: Sarah Rochelle | Posy Pine

This show is a continuation of the Courageous business series, and my guest is Sarah Rochelle. We are going to talk about her business, Posy Pine, where she creates branding strategies for businesses large and small.

You’re going to love Sarah, and our candid talk about how her business has grown, and how she has grown as well, through her own courage.

You guys, it takes a lot of courage to not only start a business in this day and time but also to grow it in the online space. Sarah, tells us how she took on this challenge and mastered it.

If you have any kind of business and you need to make the transition to get it online, if you are scared to step out, push past comfort zones, and you fear being vulnerable by putting yourself out there, this episode is for you! Sarah is going to inspire you through her passion for helping other women not only grow but have the tenacity to tackle an online business.

She is packed full of knowledge and wisdom and this girl loves Jesus with all her heart so that just makes me love her even more! I hope you enjoy this weeks episode of the Hello Courageous: Courageous Business Series! If you do please subscribe and review!

We just kept on talking after this interview was over. Sarah is so full of ideas and inspiration, and had my wheels turning for my business!! If you would like to know more about Sarah, hire her to help your business, or take one of her calligraphy courses you can find her on Instagram here, on Facebook here and her website is posypine.com.

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That’s all for now! Thank you for listening!