24 – Courageous Business | Jessica Lamb of Atlanta Redemption Ink

On this episode we are going to talk about some things that may be heavy for some listeners, and is definitely not something for immature audiences.

In this decade, we are hearing more and more that human trafficking is finally getting some awareness, but not enough yet.  My guest on this show has lived through this nightmare as a teenager, and had to pick up the pieces of the aftermath in the years following.  Now, Jessica Lamb is changing lives one tattoo at a time through Atlanta Redemption Ink. 

I was honored to have some time with Jessica on this show to talk about her journey, what she’s doing, and most importantly, how we can help protect future generations from sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. 

Her website is www.atlantaredemptionink.com, which is where you can donate to her amazing cause.

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