Make America Kind Again

Allie snapped this picture in Chicago and it took my breath away. Why? Because wouldn’t this be an America we would all like to live in? A KIND America? 

Kindness is free for all of us, free to give and receive.

However, Kindness gets pushed aside in this world where everyone is fighting for survival; fighting to win. We forget to be kind. For example, someone cuts us off in traffic, and suddenly it becomes our right to “tell them like it is.” Someone makes a snide remark or a cutting statement and our immediate reaction is defense.  

Listen, I am guilty! I felt disregarded, unintelligent, and ignored as a child. My inner voice told me I was not smart. So, in moments when others blow me off or make me feel belittled, I go straight to defense and overcompensate with a clear message that I am significant; maybe not to that person talking but to God and to myself.

We all have OUR triggers

But what if we stopped and forced ourselves to filter our reactions through the lens of kindness? What if that person had a terrible day? What if they lost a loved one or just had a knock-down drag-out fight with their spouse? What if I unknowingly made THEM feel insignificant or less than in some way because of my actions or words? Am I not responsible for that? Are we not responsible for thinking kindly of someone else? As a Christian I believe we are.

The message of Jesus was clear.

Love others! We can decorate it any way we want. We can word it and make it pretty but stripped down, it is simple! We are called to LOVE. And in loving others, I believe it is their human right to have kindness and respect. 

I challenge you today to be kind!

Let’s take ownership of the energy we put out into the world. Let’s not repay unkindness for another act of unkindness. But instead, offer understanding empathy and grace.

My friends there will always be someone lashing out in our world. Don’t let rude, hurtful, or cutting comments and actions directed at you cause you to become defensive and react. Filter your reaction through a lens of kindness and love. Give those around you the basic human respect we all enjoy. Lets do our part to make America kind again!