21 – Courageous Women Series: Chastity Stemmons

This episode of the Courageous Women Series, my guest Chastity Stemmons will inspire joy, courage and confidence.

Since I began this journey with this podcast, and growing personally, I have been given an opportunity to meet some amazing leaders in the creative community.  Through a mentor of mine, I was able to get to know our next guest, and I’ve got to say, she has been quite an inspiration to me!

When you have the joy and fire that is inside of Chastity Stemmons, you will be inspired!  She’s an author, blogger, podcaster, and influencer in the creative community.  She is also a personal stylist for home and wardrobe. 

Her message of joy and confidence in the face of fear is going put a boost in your day, as I know what she has to say is going to resonate with you. 

I loved the conversation I had with her and how she uses scripture to work out fear. Her practical and biblical applications for fear shows a strong relationship with the word of God. I think you will agree that she is one the most inspiring women. Even her slogan “dress up to show up for your life” is an inspiration!

I know you are going to want to connect with her. You can follow her on facebook here, Instagram here and you can check out her website and book or hire her to style your life on chastitystemmons.com

If you want to know how I had the courage to get connected with Chastity, I have some exciting news. I have a new online course designed for you called The True Courage Method.  Please go over to my website, hellocourageous.com and sign up for my email notifications so you’ll be among the first to take advantage of this new tool I’m working on that will help you discover your true inner courage!

If you are interested in attending the Equipped Conference we discussed, you can purchase through the link below!