19 – Courageous Women Series: Melanie Studley | Anatomy of Marriage

On this episode of Hello Courageous, Melanie Studley tells us her courageous story of the creation of Anatomy of Marriage Podcast. She tells us about how she and her husband courageously chose marriage over divorce when things got very hard and how that resulted in a podcast. We get into deep conversation about sexuality in marriage and how to handle some of the struggles we face.

I know you are going to love Melanie! If you would like to learn more about her and some of the exciting things she has going on, go to anatomyofmarriage.com or find her here on Facebook and Instagram.

Melanie referenced a couple of very helpful books in the show and I wanted to provide you with links for them, you can find those below. I hope you enjoy the show!

Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life

Sex, God, and the Conservative Church

Thanks again for listening!