16-Together Forever Series: How To Win A Fight

I’m so excited to share our first episode in the Courageous Marriage Series. 

All relationships have disagreements and fights. All relationships, no matter who they are with, eventually will disagree. Right? So, why not have a plan before it happens.

TJ and I decided after several unproductive, heated discussions that we were going to have a plan.

When I say several, I’m talking years here, not two or three. As we stated in the podcast, we are both headstrong and stubborn, so it took us a minute to get the concept of arguing effectively.

After much anguish we thought, why not have an efficient plan for arguing and disagreeing.

Today we lay it all out here for you. How we have done it wrong, how we TRY to do it right and our best advice on how to argue. I hope you enjoy the podcast. If you did, leave us a comment or a review! Thanks for listening!!

In this podcast we discuss The Clearing Structure, courtesy of Seth and Melanie Studley over at Anatomy of Marriage. You can download the PDF here.