Courageous ​Conversations With Mindy Watson

Today my pastor and friend, Mindy Watson and I have an honest conversation and you get to listen in. This conversation is like so many that she and I have, we just recorded it today. We talk about several different things but one of the most exciting is the next I Am She conference. Go check it out and grab your tickets. It will sell out FAST! I have a discount code posted at the end for you.

We say in this chat, “we were all over the place,”

but as you hear two friends talking, I hope you learn about the beautiful heart of this leader among women. On this episode, you will get to know both of us while we discuss all things church, women, and confidence.

This amazing lady has had an enormous impact on my life, and my prayer is that as you listen to our conversation, you become inspired and encouraged by her leadership. I hope you see your very own potential in all we discuss.

I also want to tell you about Mindy’s blog.

It is full of the encouragement that in my opinion, all women need to hear. She understands that we navigate life in a crazy busy world of being wives, moms, career women, entrepreneurs, and friends, and I think you will find that God has given her a gift to love women uniquely. You’ll find real honest passion and inspiration. As a result, I have been encouraged and driven beyond my comfort zone. She has helped me to see my potential with zero judgment. I think you will discover that as well.

As I mentioned before, we are particularly excited about the next I Am She conference

We talk about some of the details on this episode. If you are interested in getting tickets, you will want to grab them NOW! They will sell out fast! Go to iamsherevival.com and use the code Influencers19 for a 10% discount off your tickets.

We also talk about the amazing internship program at Big Church! If you would like to learn more about it you can clink this link.

You guys keep your eyes on this beautiful soul, she is on fire and I believe God is just getting started!