Triplet Mom Confessions

“How did you do it when your triplets were babies?”

As a triplet mom, I am asked that question a lot and honestly, I did it just like all the other moms do. Hard work, the most insane schedule, and pouring every ounce of what I had into them. I made LOTS of mistakes.

I cried…. A LOT… at night…. alone….

I cried because I was exhausted.

Because I lost my cool and yelled.

Because someone shamed me for the way I parented.

Because I thought I was doing it all wrong and screwing them up.

Because my back hurt.

Ugh, the back pain! From bending over the tub to bathe three babies to leaning over the bassinets and cribs lifting three, and then sitting in the floor changing diapers because with three there is no room for a changing table…  

The diapers…

Only Jesus knows the hours of my life I have spent changing diapers…and while I am on the subject if I had to smell one more trash can full of dirty diapers I was going to puke! Diaper Genie, diaper shmenie. Those things are pretty handy with one, maybe even two but with three, it was a no-go. Wasn’t happening. I could fill that thing up by 9AM

But you know what is really awesome about raising babies?

They are so resilient. Babies love you and forgive you for yelling and losing your cool. They make you laugh when they do cute things like call pizza “zappie” and wadd up a gum wrapper and say “look, mom, I made a goofball” Through all those mistakes, you learn new ways to do things. They sleep and you get a little rest and God miraculously gives you and your back strength for the next day. 

Your toddler doesn’t care what other people think of the way you parent, they love you! And eventually, they pee in the potty, not in diapers so your back and your nose get a break! 

They somehow turn into little sweet people. Then they turn into sweet teenagers (most of the time). And even then, when they sass-mouth you and act like you are “just the worst”,  they show you they love you. 

Before you know it one day you will walk by their rooms and they are sleeping and you cry again…a lot…alone 

Because how did you become so grown up, you were just three?

Because you can see their sweet little baby faces and sweet chubby hands and fingers in that big teenage body.

Because those stinky little toes you used to kiss are now a stinky size 11 smelling up the bedroom.

ecause someone told you about the most amazing, responsible, kind thing they did when you didn’t even tell them to do it.

Because life is short, and they grew up, and it flashed before your eyes.

That’s how I did it but with a whole lot more laughs, tears, and love. That’s how I do it now and honestly, I need to go get a box of tissue! Do you guys have those melt-down cry moments? Leave me a comment telling me what makes you cry as a mom?