Over 40, Overweight, and So Over Caring About It.

✔️OVER 40 ✔️OVERweight ✔️So OVER caring about it.


Like all women, I like to look good. I’m sure you do too.

I want to be healthy, however, at my age, I’m ok with a little extra curve on my hips. How have you been feeling about your curves, lately? It might seem a bit sassy to say this, but I like moving away from the straight lines of my youth and embracing my curves.

It actually takes courage for me to tell you that. Not to diminish the hard work of so many of you that work hard to look good. There is something to be said for the dreamy, firm bodies some of you ladies have; those of you dedicated to your workouts, clean eating and routines people like me dream of being committed to, is admirable. But I have decided that I’m okay with not being that person. There are other things I am good at.


“I have a particular set of skills” (yes, I quoted Taken. It’s one of the best.)

That set of skills helped my body fight hard things. It has served my husband, created, nurtured and birthed triplets, has the brain capacity to raise triplets. Well, they are 16. It could go downhill from here. Only God knows.  It stood strong as I worked long hours on my feet for 23 years while doing hair.

Do you ever think about how your body has served you? The strength it has taken to get you this far? This body serves me well and has gotten me this far in life. I am always on a quest to a healthier, happier me. I have healthy goals for 2019, and I want to lose a few pounds, but if this body that I’m in right now, this shape I have, is the best it gets, I’m good with it. What God has blessed me with in this human body is so enough for me to accomplish His purpose for my life. Not perfect, not flawless. Enough!


Aging is natural. Even inevitable. There’s no magic cure.

You might find me in a chair at a spa getting a little Botox or a treatment. (I didn’t say I was done entirely with vanity), but one thing I am determined to do is to walk proudly, head held high, knowing this body, thus far, got me where I am today. And I am proud I made it here.

She’s an old and tired body. She needs maintenance from time to time, but she’s a good one! What about you? Do you accept the body in which you live? Can you look in the mirror and celebrate your curves? Please do me a favor and take a second look. Embrace the movement in your shape. Love the body where your soul dwells. It’s the only one you have.