Have You Ever Wondered What It Is Like To Get Lip Injections?

Well, let me tell you all about it. Courageously, I decided to get lip injections when my friend and I had a girl day. I know, you guys, I know! But, I have wanted lip injections for quite some time now. However, my fear of looking like an Orange County housewife has always made me push the pause button. No offense Bravo housewives! I love you all, and you each have a special place in my heart, but I can’t pull off Kim K lips as well as you guys do.

Also, you guys know I am all about courageously being yourself!

One of my big goals for Hello Courageous is to give you tools to help you love the body the good Lord gave ya! At the same time, if you want to do something that makes you feel better about yourself and it doesn’t hurt anyone else, go for it! And lastly on my list of defensive reasons why-a little help here and there doesn’t hurt, right? So I decided to have a little fun and go for it!

This is how it went down.

As I said, my friend and I planned a trip to a local spa to get botox. Side-note, I highly recommend doing this with a friend. They hold your hand, dab your tears and laugh at you when you’re getting needles stuck in your face. Just kidding…not really. I totally laughed, but I laughed at myself too. So, we both decided we were going to ASK about lip fillers; we said: “we will just ask about it.” She and I are both spontaneous, and with neither of us willing to be the one who wimped out, we both said: “sign us up!”

First of all, if you like bee stings, this is entirely for you!

When that needle goes into the very tender skin on your lips…well, let me just say, it hurts like a son of a gun and bee sting is the first thing that comes to mind. They tell you they are putting numbing cream on your lips. Smoke and mirrors my friends, smoke and mirrors. You feel it ALL so don’t let them deceive you like a spawn of satan and tell you anything other than “you will feel it ALL!”

After they put the numbing cream on, (pictured below) they let you sit there for a few minutes. Consequently, it’s just enough time to get yourself all worked up and scared. If you fear needles, may I recommend deep breaths? And a glass of wine wouldn’t hurt either. Can you see the fear in my unenthused face?

My friend decided to go first, so I got a front row seat to the action before I sacrificed my face to the injection angels. I knew what to expect, but it’s hard to prepare for pain! As they injected the needle the first time, I kept telling myself “it won’t last long”, “you delivered triplets,” “you can do hard things.” This is the kind of self-talk I have in my head to stay the course. That and the fact that I didn’t want uneven lips!

Now, this is where the story gets interesting.

When I left, I felt great about my decision. I liked how my lips looked and going with half of a syringe seemed like a safe place to settle. Pictured below is my selfie in the car immediately after. Looks good, right? A little red but not too big and I got my top lip back. Yay!! I FaceTimed the hubs, got a “looks good, babe” from him and we were all done with the drama of first-time lip injections.

I could tell they were feeling a little swollen, but I had not looked in the mirror.

Later that evening TJ gets home and you guys, when he walked in and I saw his eyes I knew something was wrong. I said to him “they are getting bigger aren’t they?” He laughed and nodded in agreement. I ran to the mirror, and yep they were HUGE. It was the funniest thing I had seen! Much more than the subtle look I was going for…check them out! You guys, I put foundation on them to minimize the duck-like appearance that had started to form.

This was an hour later. I think my eyes are even swelling.

And here I decided to take advantage of it and snap a fun photo for the hubs.

This is the next morning while still laying in bed. I feel like my whole face was swollen here. I’m not sure if you can tell but I had a little bit of bruising in some areas. It wasn’t bad and nothing my super amazing concealer couldn’t handle.

So turns out in all of the chaos of talking about it, being scared, making jokes and just plain girl-chatter we managed to miss the part where they tell you YOUR LIPS WILL SWELL. I mean neither of us recall hearing it but I’m certian it is because we were so anxious and silly we didn’t listen.

Needless to say, all the swelling went down and they returned to normal size again. Actually, they were smaller than I had hoped and I’m just gonna say it you guys, I want more.

Occasionally I hear that once you start injecting you’re addicted.

I’m pretty sure the people who say that are talking about drugs but I feel like it applies here as well. I get it now, it’s like tattoos. I want to sign up for it again you guys! Give me all the fillers! What else can I fill? What else will make me look better? Can you inject something that will make me thin? Something that will make my teeth whiter? What else can I do? Bring me back down from the ledge my friends; I need help!

In all seriousness, as the excitement comes to an end, I know I have to love me, for me. There is balance in it all. I like my lips…for now.

This is a side by side of before and about a week and a half after.Can you tell? I can, it’s subtle which is what I was going for buuuuuut….