14-Five Ways You Can Prepare For 2019

2018 was awesome in the Scott household. I watched God do some pretty amazing things. Certianly I would never have imagined last year at this time I would have a podcast. Don’t you think it is fascinating what you can do when you say yes. But I don’t want to ride the skirt tails of 2018’s blessings. Do you?

So how was 2018 for you?

I hope it has been as amazing as any year you have had. I hope you can look back and see the blessings in your life. As you look back and celebrate all the triumphs and even trials that you have overcome throughout 2018, you need to have an action plan for the new year. I want to help you prepare to have the most successful and courageous year yet! I want you to accomplish your dreams!

Do you have a dream for your future?

Seriously, do you? Because I want to let you know that you can accomplish just about anything you want with a plan. Now don’t let the negative voices in your head tell you: it won’t happen/can’t happen/might not happen/I don’t have the time/I don’t have the resources… You have everything you need woven into the fiber of who you are! Like the very best sheets, with the highest thread count, and the finest Egyptian cotton, God has you so well put together you will not fail. You won’t break down; you were made to withstand a lifetime of wears and tears. Sister, you got this. So let’s do the hard work together. Let’s plan for your dreams. Let’s make a plan for your success.

So sister, you gonna say it with me? “2019 is going to be my year!” Come on, say it again, out loud this time-“2019 is going to be MY year.” Say it loud and proud. So loud the haters can hear you. So loud the negativity in your own head has to listen! This is going to be your year!! 

5 things you can do to help prepare for 2019

  1. Make a commitment. Stay committed to focus on them each day. Pray about how you can take small daily, weekly and monthly steps towards your goals.
  2. Get a beautiful journal and fancy pens and take your thoughts captive by thinking about your thoughts and writing them down. If the thoughts are negative, write out the truth about that negative thought, try finding it from the word of God.
  3. Write your goals every single day! EVERY SINGLE DAY! Furthermore, what a man believes in his heart, so is he. Create a habit of thinking you are who God says you are and write down that you are accomplishing your goals!
  4. Create a new path in your brain by changing your habits for 63 days.
  5. Set goal or dreams. Look at the big picture and work backward from monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals to accomplish them.

Goodbye, 2018!