EP 11 – Finding Courage in Business with Guest Candy Shaw

Today my guest, Candy Shaw, talks with me about how she has had courage as a business owner. She talks about the wisdom that has helped her grow and become the success she is today. As a celebrity hairstylist, salon owner, multiple hair academy owner, and product developer, she is very busy. She shares with us how she juggles it and faces each day with courage and a positive attitude. You don’t have to be a hairstylist to enjoy all the words of wisdom she offers us in this interview. I was so blessed by our conversation, I hope you are too.

In her interview she tells her listeners to reach out to her if you have any questions! I can tell you she means it. Even with all of her success she is still very kind and approachable. Not only those things, she always knows what to say. You are going to love Candy!

You can find Candy on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

If you are interested in her classes or academy, you can follow the links below.

Sunlights Balayage

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