05 – What is the Enneagram with Andrea Isaacs (1 of 2)

This week’s podcast guest is Andrea Isaacs.  Andrea and her husband are the pastors of Hope City Church in Louisville, KY.  Today she and I talked about a personality model called the Enneagram.

You guys already know my goal for the podcast and for this blog is to inspire courage. Therefore, in my opinion, a personality test is a huge step in helping yourself find courage, confidence and overcome fearful situations.

I invite you to listen as Andrea explains more about each personality type. The enneagram gets deep and has a lot of nuanced detail but I challenge you to dig into this personality model and find out who you are. Which number do you think you are? Which number do you think you would like to be? Figure out the root of what drives you to do what you do and you will have opened up a whole new understanding of yourself and why you fear what you fear.

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did.  We got through types 1-9, but this conversation was so in depth, we had to split it into two parts so make sure you listen to part two!

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