04 – Do You Use Protection?

On this week’s show, we talk about married people using protection. Every marriage should be thinking about it, so my husband TJ and I decide to give you some things to talk about when it comes to protecting your spouse in your relationship.

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Do You Use Protection – Show Notes
Three areas that should be protected in your marriage

Intellectually, Emotionally, and Spiritually


  • Expose their nakedness or insecurities in a group of people or around friends
  • Expose their spiritual life in front of others
  • Stereotype your spouse
  • Have unspoken expectations


  • Guard your mindset/dwell on the good
  • Communicate your insecurities
  • Guard your words in front of others
  • Find a safe place to vent (no more than two people)
  • Protect their spirituality


Outside Threats and Influences


  • Allow other couples to influence your marriage negatively
  • Have relationships with the opposite sex or someone you could be attracted to
  • Reciprocate compliments from someone you would be attracted to
  • Leave an open door for flirtation or temptation


  • Honor your marriage and spouse
  • Allow couples to influence you positively
  • Plan what you’ll say before you are presented with flirtation
  • Communicate with your spouse when you have been in a flirtatious type scenario
  • Communicate how you want your spouse to handle flirtatious scenarios




  • Disagree about parenting/discipline in front of your children
  • Let them play you against each other
  • Guilt trip you or “work you”


  • Show them your marriage and spouse are priority
  • Be aware of how your child views you (are you the yes parent or the no parent)
  • Be deliberate about date nights
  • Plan and get on the same “parenting ” page before communicating with your child